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Hannah’s Beach Resort and Convention Center

-The Newest  and Most Exciting Vacation Paradise

Nestled among endless turquoise waters and powdery white sand in Pagudpud is a seven-hectare exclusive paradise that is emerging to be the crown jewel of Ilocos Norte.

Even before entering Hannah’s Beach Resort and Convention Center, one would already feel a sense of being at peace with nature. The sprawling mountains, the breathtaking views of the sea, and the sight of windmills all pave the way for the perfect getaway experience to come.

After an idyllic one hour and half drive from Laoag City, the warmth of the resort staff would confirm what tourists have been anticipating all along: Hannah’s is indeed a tropical paradise that offers the best of both worlds.

The resort is a tranquil escape for weary urban dwellers and a thrilling adventure for those who want adrenaline rush.

Situated right along the shores of the famous Blue Lagoon, Hannah’s is blessed to be in the part of Pagudpud where the sand is as fine as powder and the shallow beach is as clear and blue as the skies above.

It is enclosed by a range of mountains and cliffs, transforming the place into a cove where one could frolic 50 meters to the sea and the water remains chest-deep.

The Blue Lagoon has spectacular turquoise waters and a magnificent view. The place is so pure and innocent that it could easily rival the setting of the 1980s Hollywood film Blue Lagoon that launched Brooke Shields to full stardom.

While the main draw of the resort is being located in the most beautiful and most perfect portion of the Blue Lagoon, Hannah’s offers myriad activities that would cater to all types of guests.

There is the 1.2 kilometer zipline, reportedly the longest over water, guaranteed to provide adrenaline rush to thrill seekers who want to soar over azure waters while flanked by sloping mountain sides.

For the sun worshipers, you can surfboard, jet ski, snorkel or kayak, or choose between a leisurely ride on a banana boat or an adventurous one on a speed boat.

Nature lovers will be also be pleased to know that Hannah’s offers mountain trekking and the use of all-terrain-vehicles. Guests can also have their quiet moment inside an air-conditioned meditation room underneath the grotto of the Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal where not a few visitors and staff of the resort have attested to their own answered prayers.

Kids and kids at heart can choose from Hannah’s five swimming pools: one for kids, two for adults, including one which is solar-heated and shaped exactly like a humongous kitchen clay pot and an infinity pool. The main pool has facilities for playing billiards, darts, basketball, volleyball, and frisbee, plus a room for family board games and another for the Filipinos’ favorite pastime- karaoke.

Parents are also sure to feel de-stressed knowing that the resort’s interactive playground can entertain the little ones with life-sized replicas of famous characters – from Transformers, Barney, Star Wars, Mr. Bean, and Pirates of the Caribbean and others.

The discerning businessman who wants to maintain a virtual office while surrounded by pristine waters will definitely appreciate Hannah’s uninterrupted communication connections. Its 400-seater convention center is also equipped with state-of-the-art facilities perfect for seminars and conferences.

The getaway experience will not be complete, of course, without the sumptuous food that is the trademark of any fine resort. Hannah’s restaurant boasts of five chefs whipping up international cuisines and well-loved local dishes such as Pinakbet, Dinakdakan and Igado round-the-clock.

Barely a few years in operation, Hannah’s Beach Resort and Convention Center has already established itself as a world-class haven paradise, referred to as the crown jewel of Ilocos Norte’s abundant treasure of magnificent tourist destinations on the northernmost tip of Luzon.

Attesting to this feat are Hannah’s being accorded by the Department of Tourism’s accreditation as an eco-tourism spot in recognition of its having exceeded the standards for the operation of tourism facilities and services. In addition, the resort is now part of the Philippine Air Line’s prestigious “PALakbayan” program, which aims at further boosting the national tourism industry. The most important of all, and what keeps Hannah’s raising the bar of excellence, are the accolades from local and international tourists for its world-class facilities and services.

2013 is a banner year for Hannah’s as it continues to post its all-time high occupancy of local and foreign tourists, a very humbling confirmation that Hannah’s has already made its distinct mark in the local and global tourism market. Hannah’s is proud that in its own little ways, it has contributed significantly to Pagudpud’s ranking no. 2 among the Top 10 most visited tourists spots of the country and is closely compared to Hawaii according to recent tourism statistics.

Hannah’s is pleased that its shared vision, with the local and provincial government and of the Department of Tourism, of promoting Pagudpud is turning into a reality, i.e., for Pagudpud to achieve local and international recognition as the best, environment-friendly, year-round and sustainable resort destination of choice for local and international tourist transforming it into an economically-progressive community for its people and visitors.