Facilities And Services Rates

Facilities and Services Rates

Facility Rental Fee Remarks
Theme Park w/ Hanging Bridge Php 100 per head (3ft. and above) 50% off on children below 3ft.
Pay Shower/Toilet Php 30 per head per use 50% off on children below 3ft.
Php 50 per head (unlimited) 50% off on children below 3ft.
Zip Line Php 800 per head(walk-in) sitting Non-refundable
Php 650 per head(in-house) sitting Non-refundable
Php 900 per head(Superman) Non-refundable
Php 350 per head(extra rider 2-6 y/o) Non-refundable
Banana Boat Php 1,800(5-seater) 3 rounds
Surf Board Php 350 per hour Additional Php 200/hour with instructor
Mountain Bike Php 350 per hour With guide
Billiards Php 120 per hour
Videoke Php 350 per hour Php 100 minimum charge
Frisbee Php 150 per hour
Volleyball Php 150 per hour (in-house/walk-in) With Php 500 deposit for ball
Basketball Php 150 per hour(walk-in)(daytime); with Php 500 Deposit
FREE Daytime (for in-house guest/s)
Php 1,000 per hour(night time); with Php 500 deposit for ball
Kayak Php 250 per hour Single Kayak
Php 350 per hour Double Kayak
Speed boat Php 6,800 per hour Maximum No. of persons: 5
Jet Ski Php 2,300 per 15mins 1100 cc / 4 stroke
All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Php 400 per 15minutes 150 cc
Php 550 per 15minutes 250 cc
Goggles Php 200 per hour
Life vests/Floaters Php 200 per hour
Snorkeling Equipment Php 200 per hour
Pool Noodle Php 20 per hour
Massage Services Php 600 per hour
Guitar Php 200 per hour
Tents Php 2,300 per night (6-man) Depends on season
Php 1,200 per night (3-man)
Picnic Huts / Cottages Php 600 (6 Hours Maximum)
Picnic Table w/ Umbrella Php 300 (6 Hours Maximum)
Gym Use Php 300 per head per hour Walk-in
Php 100 per head per hour In-House

Age Limit Allowed for Amenities:

  • Water Sports – 13 years old and above
  • ATV – 16 years old and above
  • Zipline – 2 to 6 years old for extra rider; 30 kls and above for individual rider.

Function Room:

  • Minimum of 2 hours
  • Special Arrangements for Food and Drinks
  • Includes Air Conditioning & Sound System

For in-house guests, free use of picnic hut for maximum of 2 hours depends on availability (regular season months only except for weekends and holidays).
For the months of March to May, both in-house and walk-in guests will pay for rent of picnic huts.

Senior Citizen/PWD discount is applicable on rooms and meals only. (With I.D.)
Corporate rate is only applied upon presentation of company I.D. (Regular Season)

Prices are subject to change without prior notice.