How to Get Here

          Hannah’s can be reached by traveling to Laoag first by land or by air. From Manila, Laoag is approximately 45 minutes away by plane. It takes another one hour and 30 minutes to reach the resort by a vehicle ride from Laoag.

           But for the creatures of the senses eager to absorb every sight, smell and sound of the countryside, land travel for at least 12 hours is the better option. After Laoag City, the scenery on the way to Pagudpud via mountain roads gets greener and bluer. You glimpse China Sea past the vegetation on your left and wooded mountains and vast rice fields on your right. There’s actually a stretch of road a few kilometers to Sitio Malingay where you may open the car windows and be able to touch the mountain walls on your right and the leaves of drooping trees on your left.