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A uniquely themed paradise.. Crew and Staff are very service oriented,courteous, the friendliest smiling people I have met in one confined environment I have ever been to.. the General Manager would even extend family-like, personalized services in making sure that our pal who was ill at the time be, brought to the airport safely..made me feel like I am securely staying in a family or relative's house.. rate are very reasonable and the generous food serving.. I will be going back to HANNAH'S soon..
Doogie Ferrer
My name is Leticia Delara of Palm Coast, Florida,USA. It is a piece of paradise. The place is quiet, clean, exciting and invigorating. The main reason why I'm sending you this email is to appreciate wholeheartedly the beauty of your company's creation of the resort. Your staffs were courteous, knowledgeable and can be trusted. The place is immaculately clean and security is reliable. The food at the restaurant was delicious and nutritious.
Leticia D.
JOB WELL DONE...you guys deserve an acknowledgement and a pat in the back! Date/s visited: November 17-19, 2010 Dearest Hannah's Beach Resort Crews and Management, Our vacation was a total blast. I want you guys to know how satisfied we are for the service you've rendered and I think this is a cause for a celebration. The pictures we're uploaded on all our FB accounts and I am so happy to receive a lot of positive feedbacks. Hannah's Beach Resort, a wonderful place to stay.
one of the best summer vacation ever,every minute and every second is a worthwhile experience in pagudpud,especially in hannah' resort,complete facilities with pool,what can you ask for,seafoods is great fresh from the ocean,all you have to do here is drink some booze.party all night and lots of swimming...till nxt year...
Delta 180
My girlfriend and I have wanted to go out of town since last year but did not have the chance due to work schedule but come this year, Month of March we had an opportunity. Finally, we were in the hunt as to where we are going. We agreed upon going to a place by land or air. We had several choices and made early inquiries but there's this one resort that caught our attention because of the Video clip that can be viewed on this site. That gave us the idea of what can we expect of the resort. HANNAH's Beach Resort was our best choice! So I made the necessary queries to have us booked on March 26-28. I got a reply through an email and received the confirmation for the 3 days-2 nights stay at this resort. Unknowingly, my girlfriend had no idea that I was planning to propose to her on these dates as well. It was a perfect venue, the right time, for the big question of lifetime happiness. From the Top Management down to the staff, all had given their support for “the Proposal”. They were very hospitable; I felt the excitement from the staffs. I've been in touch with the staff for a month because I had to ensure and make some changes on how I would be proposing to my girlfriend. They suggested that my girlfriend and I have an early candlelight dinner at their Ocean View Hall--an overlooking venue of the beach. Indeed, it was the perfect spot to pop the BIG Question! I got the Perfect YES! From Day one of our stay, it was worth it till the last day of our stay. Hannah's made our stay a fruitful one for me and my girlfriend (ahm Now my Fiancé. lol.hehehe) Hannah's made things happen for me! It was hard to leave a place that is very close to our hearts. It was our first out of town beach and we have no regrets. Surely we”ll be going back there with our families and if God permits us, will have our wedding there as well. Hannah’s Beach Resort is the total getaway! The place is stress remover! Godbless you all. See you soon. Thank you for the memories!
Brian A.A. - The Wedding Proposal 🙂
Our Trip to Ilocos by road was one of the best trip that, i have had in my life, it was smooth, enjoyable, friendly people along the roads. Have booked at Hannah Beach Resort, it was one of the best Resort in the Philippines, Friendly, good facilities, good services and excellent front Beach. I missed it badly and for sure coming back again Happy valentine to all Hannah Staff. We love you and missed you dearly
Abdullah H.
Jaki R.
Our trip to ilocos norte was amazing..Hannah's beach resort was very accommodating and the location of the resort was perfect. .I am very much impressed with your service and facilities in the resort...Absolutely high standard and affordable price! You can see the owner’s respect for the nature and the love for details. .. The service we received was really extremely outstanding which has made our vacation very enjoyable. Definitely, this will encourage me to come again and again recommending you to all of my friends.Hoping that you will continue to have so excellent staff, I wish you a very successful business and remain with...The best resort ever Hannah's beach!
Paulynne A.
At Hannah's Pagudpud, we had a wonderful reunion with former classmates. We flew from Manila to Laoag; the ride from Laoag to Pagudpud was on good roads with lovely sights along the way (Burgos lighthouse, Bangui windmills). Hannah's Resort is ideally situated in Maira-ira Point in Pagudpud; just a few steps away from Hannah's gate is the beach with clear, pristine waters!The view of the cove is breathtaking. After a full day of activity (swimmimg, trekking to Kabigan Falls, sightseeing), it was so easy to have a good night's sleep on Hannah's comfortable beds. I loved the sinigang and fresh seafoods too! Hannah's staff did their best to ensure that we had an idyllic vacation. Thank you to our hosts for a most memorable Pagudpud visit!
M. Cruz
I still have vivid memories of my stay in Hannah’s beach resort in Pagudpud. It was a spontaneous decision by three of us former classmates (3 decades hence..), as a bonding of sort. We were blessed with a fantastic weather of sunny skies the whole week (when it was raining cats and dogs in Manila) except on the last day when rain poured the whole day. But for this, we were lucky to have seen a perfect rainbow in the horizon…wow! Just unforgettable!! Well, I didn’t know what to expect really but to my surprise, I was totally taken by the fantastic view as we were going down the winding paved road into the resort. My favourite is the Blue Lagoon of pristine blue, turquoise water, and white sandy beach that I couldn’t wait to dip into the water immediately as soon as we arrived. Apart from some plastic wrappers and other debris found lying on the beach (these were cleaned up immediately by the resort staff) it’s definitely a must for everyone who is looking for some relaxation amidst the hustle and bustle of city life. Another activity I enjoyed very much was trekking to the nearby Kabigan Falls where, along the way, we were treated with a glimpse of Pagudpud’s countryside, and its flora and fauna. A quick dip into the cool water below the waterfall is an added bonus. Perhaps the only difficulty we had while hiking was that our tour guide couldn’t understand our Tagalog when we asked her questions. We tried asking her in English but to no avail. We got the same answer to the different questions we had. On the food department, Hannah’s resort had the best sinigang I ever had. The daing na bangus (bangsilog) for breakfast is perfect to start your day. The staff were very nice and friendly who tried their best to attend to all our needs. The villas have very comfortable beds and fluffy pillows and towels (love them)! Overall the resort is a perfect venue for that most awaited get-away up north. It was only my first time to see the northern part of the country and you know what, I am very much impressed. Thanks to Hannah’s Beach Resort. I surely will be packing up my things again and head towards north in the next opportunity.
B. Tschoepke
Boracay is just too crowded if you want to stay at the beach but if you're really looking for a beach getaway, North Luzon owns a paradise too! Pagudpud's white sand beaches are indeed treasures of the North. And if you'd like a place wherein you could maximize your enjoyment, Hannah's Place is the best nook where you could stay. I've visited the resort, and their place is perfect if you wish to relax. :]
Claudine Faylogna
its my ist time to visit pagudpod..and i find it wonderful....hope sooner ill be back again..kasi,medyo pangit ang weather nung pumunta kami...i like the blue lagoon...esp sa pag stay namin sa hannahs resort..its worth it..kahit ubos ipon ko..grabe talaga.ganda talaga ang pagudpud..may konting aberya,but suma total,ok...ang trip namin..kasama ko mga friends ko esp mam sol n pare gee..try nyo d2...bawing bawi ang pagod...kahit malayo,ok lang.wala din pag andun na kayo...
Louie Valdez
It was a long yet a memorable journey for us. From manila to hannah's beach resort, but it was really worth it..the place, the food..the blue lagoon, the bridge nearby it and the falls which was really breath taking..Me, my fiancee elize with 3 families from CFC enjoyed so much, the friendship, and the love shared there in the said placed bloomed more than what was expected..I would like to thank the staff of the resort, who really accomodated us...Maraming salamat pow..at hanggang sa muli
Carlo Isip
Its all in a day’s work, try to Picture yourself fetching your wife in her office who’s still tied up with unending errands and scuttle compliances, she extends you pithy attention by handing over a downloaded narration of a contented swashbuckler enthusing her ordeal in paradise Pagudpud . Its definitely a roadmap towards a great escape. Her fascinating tale prompted me to instantly create a 3 day itinerary considering Pagudpud as our focal objective in spending a holy week family escapade. Our unplanned act resulted to a delayed departure on day one . After a 15 hour travel, we retire the night in a hotel an hour and a half away from the site. The next day, we rewarded ourselves by ascending the stairs leading to the infamous Burgos lighthouse, the vantage point provided a spectacular view of the blue sea. Along the way like the other travelers, we got attracted by the giant fans (windmills) of Bangui that indeed swept our blues away. Alighting from our crosswind, we experienced a little foot adventure trekking the kapurpurawan white rocks of Burgos, I could’nt help but to imagine a movie director yelling “cut” knowing the place as a venue of fond memories both reel and real life. Joyce has to slap my cheek not to drag me towards reality but to remind me to assist my leading lady to traverse the rugged path towards bliss. Our next excitement awaits…… God has His own way of leading our feet towards paradise on earth. Some say that paradise is an idealized place in which existence is positive, harmonious and timeless forgetting the toxic realities of life ….. it is theoretically a counter image of miseries of human civilization and in paradise, there is only peace, prosperity and happiness. Hannah’s place provided that interim awesome relief …..With a surprising acquaintance with Sir Ric ( a former superior officer at work ) I learned how this paradise came to be and later realized its significant impact of providing the antidote to ones woes. Kind words are unsuited to describe the caring assistance extended to me and my family by Sir Roel as he provided us a shelter to relax our aching backs over the night. And as we inch away from paradise on mid day saturday, despondency gradually took its course………. I promised to do another Genny Doggie Macky act but the next time around, it’ll be with utmost preparation….. Come and enlist with our company and “ Let’s prepare to visit Hannah ”
Wilfredo A Buhayo Jr
It was a BIG WOW staying at Hannah's.Truly,you were amazed with the place.It is a paradise of the north.You will enjoy every minute,every hour,every day @ Hannahs.My family and I enjoyed our summer vacation @ this resort.It was really a memorable summer for us,with great outdoor activities,walking in a white and powdery sand,eating delicious and affordable meal,dipping in a very clean and clear beach.Its full of surprises @ Hannahs.We can even recommend it to our friends,colleagues,relatives to have their getaway experience.We SALUTE all the STAFF of Hannahs for their excellent customer service.They truly value their customers,all of them are very courteous,approachable,they give personalized and fast service.All the crews wears hannahs smile that can lighten and brighten the day of every customer(s)/client(s).Good luck and More Power to all.Hope to see u again Ms. Gina and the rest of the Staff.God Bless you all!!!!
Noemi D. Padilla
i fell in love with ilocos..... it was the best summer experience i'll never forget. to spend time with my loving friends in this paradise.. nice beaches, love banana boating.ehehehe
It was a truly memorable experience staying overnight at Hannah's. It was not a planned trip to be here but a certain force drove all of us to the place as we went to see the northern sites of the Philippines. It was totally dark when we got to the beach resort. All the villas were occupied and our group needed a place to stay especially we had a number of children with us to feed and keep safe. To my surprise, they came up with a plan to set up tents which was more than enough to keep us all dry, stuffed and safe. Security in the establishment - PERFECT! The following morning was more surprising as you see the owners personally attending to every need of their customers. Though busy, they still found time to have a word or two with their clients. Leaving the place at noon the following day, after a long morning of dipping in the cold beach, only fortified the group to be back in the next available money making break but, next time, with advanced reservations. I'm sure there will be more surprises for everyone in the future!
Bobby C. Echague
Pagudpud,in Ilocos Norte is one of the Philippines' best-kept secrets. This beautiful place, is rich in culture and steep in history, exudes a rustic yet pleasingly romantic appeal. The place offers verdant shelters, breathtaking waterfalls, mystic caves, the crystal clear waters of the China Sea and stretches of golden-white sand that sparkle in the tropic sun. In the midst of this abundance of natural beauty, hides another magnificent jewel: HANNAH's PLACE, a Magnificent beach resort and villa with undeniable Filipino flavor... A refreshing dip in the gleaming pools, a relaxing stroll on the sandy beach, a satisfying foods – whatever suits your fancy, HANNAH's PLACE is ready with an answer... Our family enjoyed a lot in our stay in Hannah's. the manager and staff and even the owner is very accomodating, they are all hospitable.. their villas are worth the price... lots of amenities and things to do in hannah's our family will surely go back to this magnificent place... thank you guys... GOD BLESS
A good place is never far, so they say. With just a 'roadtrip' plan and a drive-'til-the-road-will-take-us-anywhere attitude, we hit Hannah's and fell in love with this pristine haven BIG time. From its charming ambience to the resort's astounding service, one can not help but be captivated with this awesome place full of postcard-perfect and I-wish-you-were-here hodgepodge of breathtaking sights and colors. Like an old friend and a special buddy, Hannah's will remain forever as the sun in our enchanted minds. Hannah's Beach Resort is a paradise on earth~ simply BOUNDLESS! 🙂
Atmosfera, B.R. / Holy Cross School Batch 1998
This may come as a late "THANK YOU" note..but just the same, we wanna extend our gratitude for having us over last week.We're still talking about the great experience we had during our stay, the superb service and the warm reception. we, so appreciate your wonderful hospitality! Thank you for rocking our world! May God bless you more for it! KUDOS TO HANNAH'S BEACH RESORT!
We enjoyed staying in Hannah's. Their food is affordable and yummy. It was worth the price. Everything is worth paying for even for a day of stay in Hannah's. The resort is clean and environment friendly. Wish we could have more time to spend at blue lagoon beach. We will definitely be back here. I enjoyed the land tour. There's a lot of beautiful sceneries in pagudpud and ilocos as a whole. Keep it up and keep the business growing.
Melanie Andaya
If you're looking for a great vacation, visit Hannah's Beach Resort! Aside from their good amenities and outstanding shoreline, what i think made this place a winner is their people. Everyone is very friendly and very very accommodating. Kudos to Hannah's staff. Mabuhay kayo!
Ryan Fajardo
It was a very short trip. We've stayed in Hannah's for just a day but it was all worth it. Next time we're going to visit Hannah's we will surely take a plane to lessen the travel time. Everyone in Hannahs' is very very accomodating and friendly. The resort is very clean and we enjoyed all their facilities. Blue Lagoon is a very nice beach. We enjoyed taking pictures at the rock formation near Hannah's. The tour was very worth while. Thank you for a wonderful vacation. 🙂
Michelle Baclagon
I am from the nearby town but I really never had a chance to visit the place. The first time I was in Blue Lagoon was years back and there was no resort then. I love to see how the place developed into a fine tourist destination with both the touches of nature and urban ammenities. hope to see you all there!!!
River Sahager
Hannah's resort is the top resort in one of the finest beaches in the Philippines. If you need a great place to stay that is truly affordable - pick this one. the facilities are well maintained, the facade is beautiful, their beachfront is clean, and they have a pool and karaoke machine! The staff are very warm and welcoming and the tour around pagudpud that they have is well worth your money. Thank you hannah's for the wonderful experience! 🙂 i will be coming back soon :
Lexi Lorenzo
TeAm eXpLoReR of fReUnDe fUr iMmEr, iMuS CaViTe would like to thank you for the warmed welcome that you've given to us. We truly experienced the best times of our lives at Hannah's Beach Resort. Your resort is like a "home" away from home. A very wonderful place, truly, a paradise indeed. Cheers to hannah's ! Cheers to Blue Lagoon ! Cheers to the New Paradise Of The North ! Mabuhay!
Jay Camia Legaspi
Me and my friends had a great vacation in pagudpud ofcourse with the help of staffs of hannahs (gina).We stayed for 2 nights Oct 11-13 2008. We had a nice tour at lighthouse, windmill, kabigan falls, saud beach and patapat bridge at a very low budget. the staff are nice and friendly! Nice place to stay!
Babes Barandon
It was an out of town trip to remember for our team...Right from Hannah's I'll never forget the awe-inspiring panoramic view of the verdant mountains, clear blue waters, and white sand. Hannah's Beach Resort promises its visitors a magnificent experience in a secluded paradise. The cool and serene ambiance captured our hearts and at least for a time gave us the much needed break from city life. It was an absolute fun and adventure to go through all the activities offered by Hannah's.... banana boat ride, kayak, island hopping and relaxing massage. Again, we would like to thank all the friendly staff of Hannah's for their hospitality and making our stay a memorable one...
THANK YOU to the owners of HANNAH's for making our trip to pagudpud as one of the most exciting & memorable short vacation we ever had. Indeed we had so much fun at HANNAH's because of the great hospitality, good food, complete amenities and modernized villas they offer. What ever you look for in a resort? HANNAH's have it! so come on and try this very good and all brand new resort! I can assure you, you will have fun and exciting adventure!
HANNAH'S resort is a very nice and safe place for you and your family to stay in Pagudpud, specially when ur with ur kids. We are very much secured. Friendly and very kind people around.THE CLEANEST BEACH EVER....VERY ROMANTIC PLACE.
Dr. Marjori A. Nava
The remaining Japanese warship shipwreck could only be found at Brgy. Balaoi Pagudpud Ilocos Norte and the best starting point for this scuba diving expedition would be at Hannah's Beach Resort which is about 10 minutes from the area.
Mayor Marlon Ferdinand Sales
It’s a good thing that here in Pagudpud, there’s a high-end resort like Hannah’s
HANNAH's in pagudpud, the BLUE LAGOON, virgin paradise of the north... I never knew theres is an existing place like this in the Philippines. Try the hannah's place, where you can find the greatest and exciting experience of flaming hospitality of their staff. I love the Blue Lagoon...
Rangie Ramirez
In Hannah's you'll experience no brownouts, visibility of goodlooking lifeguards in uniform keeps you safe while staying in the area... For the Marian devotees, there is the towering grotto of the the LADY MIRACULOUS medal fronting the newly constructed swimmingpool Its breathtaking to stay to the only place that offers banana boats, kayaks, motorboat, speedboats and snorkling gadgets. We enjoyed so much playing volleyball along the beach. From Laoag. we were fetched by the resort's service vehicle that brought us to the fantastic first in asia... the... BANGUI WINDMILL, the rock formation, cape bojeador lighthouse, springs and falls.
Amanda Nicole
Hannah's beach resort at the blue lagoon is an awesome place to go. you try it and you'll enjoy the exciting amenities it offers. all units are air conditioned for everyone's convenience, with satellite tv and dvds,the modern units will surely satisfy your comfort zones. its pavilion offers a wide variety of wines, brandy and diferent beverages, videoke for you to enjoy singing, video games and its also a nice place for you to have different occasion. rates of all units justifies your stay . there is a free parking area, secured and modern shower rooms we can never find in any resort in the area. availability of restaurant answers your craving for native foods like vegetables freshly cooked, delicious menus on sumptuous seafoods come along with the great tasting igado and pinakbet. the resto is also a delight to us because of the satellite tv it has. hannah's is where we find a convenient store never been found in any resort with its affordable items from personal necessities to accessories, and swimming gadgets.
Macon Canlas
This is a place where one can really enjoy a hassle free vacation...people are so friendly and honest that you can enjoy kayaking, boat riding in the blue lagoon or even squeeze some sweat in the wellness gym without worrying about your belongings. Hannah's Beach Resort truly is a paradise... I will surely treasure it as my grandest vacation ever!
E4 Henry Cuffy
Hannah's Beach Resort is quite an experience...a paradise uncovered. This is a place where every penny is worth spending for. It is certainly one of the great beaches in the island. Accommodation is great...we were picked up from Laoag airport to our very own cozy room. They have the best Ilokano delicacies and sweetest native fruits. "pakbet ilokano, dinengdeng and inihaw really suits my appetite!"
E4 Henry Cobb
Hannah's Beach Resort is a splendid resort surrounded by verdant and lush green scenery that blends perfectly with the marvelous blue lagoon. Hannah's definitely captivated my heart. It is a haven for vacationers and tourists alike for one is treated with elegance and grand lifestyle!!! Superb!!!
E3 Basco Garcia